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#114470 Making Oil, Denots Way.

Posted by denots on 30 October 2015 - 10:30 PM

Hi everyone, I thought it was about time a done thread showing the way I make my oil. There are a few different ways people make there oil but this is my way. I've been making it this way for a few years now and find it bang on. This should be done outdoors for extra safety but it was raining a bit so I did it inside my conservatory with loads of fresh air..


First off a look at everything I use to make it.


Isopropyl alcohol or isopropanol, 




DSC 0994


┬Żoz Exodus Cheese, 1 Crock Pot, 1 Mason Jar, 1 Kilner Jar, 1 large Coffee filter, 1 Silicon spatula, 1 syringe, And most importantly a FAN, FAN, FAN, I can't stress this enough if your doing this indoors, and make sure your next to an open window.

DSC 0981
Put the weed in the mason jar and give it a good smash about with the spatula. Pour just enough ISO into the jar to cover the weed, put the lid back on the mason jar and give it a good shake for about a minute, Then let it stand for 10 minutes, making sure all the weed is in the ISO.
DSC 0982
DSC 0983
After the 10 minutes are up, open the jar and take the centre piece out of the lid, and replace it with the coffee filter.
DSC 0984
Give the jar a swirl to loosen the weed, then tip it upside down into a Kilner jar big enough so the neck of the mason jar goes in.
DSC 0985
Leave it until all the ISO has been filtered into the kilna jar.
DSC 0986
DSC 0987
Repeat the process, cover with ISO, give it a bash, leave 10 minutes. quick swirl and filter into kilna jar. If you want to do it a third time you can, but i do mine twice, Then I throw the weed away.
DSC 0988
DSC 0989
Set the crock pot up by an open window, as open as possible, and set up a fan behind it so it can push the fumes from the ISO out the window, I should have used a bigger fan but It's being used in the groom, so I've had to do it with a smaller fan, but there's plenty of windows open. TURN THE FAN ON, pour the ISO from the kilna jar into the crock pot and turn it on high
DSC 0992
DSC 0991
DSC 0995
As the ISO heats up it will start to evaporate and leave a bit of an oil slick up the sides of the pot. just give the pot a sloosh round and the ISO will take it off.
DSC 0996
As the ISO evaporates it darkens, when It's near the bottom I put a hammer handle under one side off the crock pot so it concentrates the puddle.
DSC 0998
DSC 0999
When all the ISO has gone from the pot the oil will be still with no bubbles. Then add a couple of drops of water into the oil, It will start to bubble again, once the bubbling has stopped the oil is ready. The water is added to the oil to make sure all the ISO has gone, as water boils at a higher temp than ISO, so if the water is boiling off it means the ISO has been boiled off.
DSC 1000
DSC 1002
Then all you have to do is syringe it up while It's hot. It will go hard but all you need to do is run the syringe under hot water when you need to use it.
The finished product.
DSC 1003
Happy oil days.



















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#4119 Super cropping for bigger yields.

Posted by jimmi2scoops on 28 May 2014 - 04:46 PM

Super cropping is very similar to topping, in that you just pick a site and squeeze away till you here it crack, then bend it just above a new shoot then the new shoot will take over as the main stem whilst the bent one repairs itself over a few weeks. Super cropping is done in veg and not in flower for bigger plants and yields, although if using the same technique in flower to control height etc its still HST and the plant will react the same spreading auxins around the plant more evenly trying to survive what it thinks is end of days. In pic one the plants have been topped twice when young to reach this stage of about 17 to 20 inches tall, i`ve then super cropped between 7 and 9 inches of each plant to keep them at even heights, i flipped to 12/12 about 12 days later.
The plants are Freddy`s Best by Dutch Passion which is a sativa heavy plant i ran at 12/12 for 12 weeks.

post 32 14022469264788

Basically you just squeezing a stem until it cracks just above a new shoot like you would if topping with scissors and then bending it over gently, but if you don`t bend it over enough it will be stood back up the next day, so don`t be scared to bend it.

post 32 14022469283375


post 32 14022469266238

4 days after

4 days after

11 days after in veg, i then flipped to bloom about 2 weeks after scropping.

11 days after still In Veg

2 weeks into 12/12 just after lollipopping the bottom 3rd off.

2w In after lollipopping

3 weeks in and buds are starting to show.

3w In

4 to 5 weeks in bloom


9 weeks in bloom

9 W

About 11 weeks into bloom

11 W

Just b4 chop after 12 weeks in bloom

12 W
post 32 1402246929148
post 32 14022469287466
post 32 14022469288804

A total of just under 20oz from the big plant after 9 days drying on stalk and 3 days of stalk on paper so 12 days dried.

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#160902 THCTalk Status

Posted by Budgie on 08 July 2016 - 01:49 PM

Afternoon peeps :joint:
To do our bit for the cannabis forum world, and in absence of any info from their owners I figured it best to let you know what's been occurring, as far as I know, to help dispel any rumours/relieve that forum anxiety that the THCTalk members will have no doubt been experiencing.
It appears that the talk server went down 3 days ago and despite repeated attempts could not be brought up again. So a new server box has been ordered and should be up and running today, all going well.
I can't say if this was due to h/w failure, a technical problem or a hack. No doubt when the forum does come back up the beans will be spilled and normality will return. Meanwhile, THCTalk members are more than welcome to park your butts here until you know whats occurring.
To any of the thctalk mods/staff that may look in, please feel free to post any status updates in this thread. Most of us are still mates, don't hold any grudges, and we do want to help each other out if we can. :mr:

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#9997 Dude self medicates with oil and red wine.

Posted by The Dude Abides on 01 July 2014 - 03:56 PM

Hi folks, I thought I'd start a thread about my attempt to cure my skin cancer using canna oil, hope it works lol.


Bit of background:


Back in March 2014 I went to my doctor to get a prescription for my long term antibiotics, to last me 6 months whilst I am in France.


I had noticed a small 'wart' growing on the end of my nose for a couple of weeks and thought I would mention it to the Doc, she said it looks like a wart but could be a 'rodent ulcer', I thought nothing of it and went home with my 6 month prescription.


I went over to France the next day and then got a call from Mrs TDA saying the rodent ulcer may be a form of skin cancer, a Basal Cell Carcinoma, oh shit thinks Dude.


I had to go back to the UK to have it checked and went to a walk in clinic at a London hospital. They confirmed that it was a BCC and cut it out making a fine mess of my nose in the process. I stayed in the UK for another 2 weeks to have the stitches out and stuff, it looked like it was healing nicely.


Back over to France, garden like a jungle by this time and I finally got to germ my seeds 6 weeks late, better late than never thinks Dude.


Anyway long story short, it looks like it's come back, I really need to stay in France as guests are coming next week and I have no desire to lose more of my nose, hence the self medication.


With some help from Duke I intend to cure this myself.


The first step is to make some oil without blowing up the house, here's how I did it.


Following a recipe that Duke linked to this site.


First I needed some trim or bud and some alcohol. I have plenty of bud so went to the local supermarket and bought some 95% alcohol.


The bud was put in a bowl then into an oven on lowest setting to remove the moisture without damaging the trichs ( because water is soluble in alcohol it's best to remove as much as possible.






When it had cooed down I put it in the freezer overnight along with the alcohol as instructed.






This morning I took them out and got ready for the next stage.


The buds crumbled up easily cos they were so dry.






Just under an oz I reckon (got no scales)


Got some jars and a jug ready plus a filter to strain the crap.






I poured the alcohol into the jar with the crushed bud and vigorously shook it for 30 seconds to remove the trichs.






Then I poured it through the filters.











Then I poured it into a flat pyrex dish to begin the evaporation process.






I then put it in a spare room and blew a fan heater over it (set on very low heat)


I left my slippers next to it to disguise the smell.






I expect you're all wondering where the red wine comes into it.


Well I just drink it all the time, it's good for your health.


Thanks for looking folks, comments, questions and farty bits always welcomed.


To be continued.


All good things



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#8287 The WAG thread, soft secret style pics.

Posted by BAD NEWS BROWN on 23 June 2014 - 02:43 PM

Mrs Brown, no boys :)



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#215451 FROG BLOG 2017

Posted by The Dude Abides on 17 May 2017 - 09:35 PM

Hi folks and welcome to this years Frog Blog.


For any newcomers I'm a Londoner that runs a guest house in France for the summer, I also try to grow some decent weed whilst I'm here.


I mostly grow outdoors but I have a purpose built groom in an outhouse to start them off and sometimes use it to finish the plants if the weather gets shitty.


My groom is called the Orgasmatron, here's an explanation.



The Sleeper is a great film, a little dated (early 70's) but well worth a watch.


Anyway I digress, I'm over here in Normandy, just about opposite Jersey (you can see it on the UK weather forecasts), slightly warmer winters but rarely as hot as London in the summer, not the ideal climate for growing outdoor weed but I usually manage to pull something.


My main problems this year will be, as follows:


My back is fucked, just visited a French Osteopath and he said "vous est fucked", he took one look at the MRI scan I'd bought with me from the UK, then declined to manipulate anything in case he made it worse, only solution is gentle exercise, muscle relaxing and pain killing drugs.


Which fortuitously suits my lifestyle exactly, work takes twice as long but I've usually got time on my hands, weed is good for the muscle relaxing and the copious amounts of vin rouge that I drink is a pretty good painkiller, not mention the Ricard (Pastis).


I've got literally hundreds of seeds over here but everything I have tried to germinate has failed (drop in a glass of water and when sinks pop it in a wet paper towel in Tupperware tub on the digi box and Bob's your uncle), about 5 different strains so far, finally one poked her(?) root out, a Dinafem OG Kush fem, she's sunning herself under a 125w CFL in the Orgasmatron as we speak, times are 24/0 cos I can't be bothered to set the timer.


Here's some pics.





The Orgasmatron in all it's glory, cobbled together from bits hanging around, Mylar inside, 2 fans, 5in bathroom fan extract, passive intake, 1.1 x 0.9 x 2.5, so a square metre with plenty of height basically.






The cats were over wintering in the Orgasmatron , always laughing these three.






So I evicted them






Here's my beauty, wobbling around nicely under the CFL and a small fan caressing her.







See what I mean?






Oh yeah.






This my front door, not been painted since 1952 according to the neighbour, I'm a painter and decorator so should get it sorted in the next 20 yrs or so.


The triangular hole in the wall to the right of the door contains a nest of Blue tits, one baby fell out so I put it back and put a tea towel on the floor below to protect it if it fell again.






It did fall out again so I put it back in, maybe it's parents or siblings don't like it? Looks OK to me. Done a shit on my tea towel though.






The neighbours popped over for an aperitif, I stroll onto the patio with my vape and they come running, they've also eaten about 50% of my hemerocalis (day lilies), they get bored munching grass and always come to greet me if I talk sexy to them.


Just as well they don't drink pastis or calvados, my bullfighting skills are not what they were.


Duke is sending me some more beans so hopefully this won't be a one horse race.


Thanks for looking in, as you know I reply to every comment and look forward to your comments, criticisms, constructive commentary  and farty stuff.


All good things


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#190433 Free Christmas Present for all members from the circle.

Posted by Mrs Willy on 20 November 2016 - 02:34 PM

As a thankyou to all members, and a generic positive karma situation, we can offer all members one of these keyfobs.

Just PM a mod, or me with an addy and we will get one out for christmas.

Please state colour preference, and if you want >1 then please say why.  There are plenty to go around i think. Any left over will be put into comps in 2016/17.

All participants in secret santa will get one anyway.

Merry Xmas and big up the forest for providing these. They are proper cool and im gonna put 2 in the laces of my kickers :)



Attached Thumbnails

  • IMG_1922.JPG

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#43210 Why the Green Circle Rocks.

Posted by Mrs Willy on 15 November 2014 - 12:52 AM

I havent been on much recently, but thought a post about what makes this place great... is timely and to give everyone who has joined up in the last six months a big pat on the back.


The circle is what it says on the tin, it is no ones, it is all of ours. Its for everyone and anyone.. and its organic nature has served itself proud thus far imho. Born out of a rejection of false promises and deceit on THC..


But my top 10 reasons why the circle rocks vs other forums...


1) quality of Members and the sense of community and humour.

2) quality of growdiaries.

3) No arguments on the forum. (Apart from me in the modroom).

4) Talent, effort,enthusiasm put in by the staff. (Arcade,radio,WD+mellowed podcasts, botm, banners.. to name but a few areas which really do piss all over the competition).

5) First class tech Support.

6) Awards and quality of comp prizes ( we are giving away an iphone 5 in the christmas tree comp for example).  We dont need a thread called "where are my comp prizes?". Cos we deliver without reminders. The freebies dished out in comps are a1 connoisseur shit.

7) Look, themes and interface.

8) Security for members and sensible plant rules to protect our future.

9) No sponsors, not for profit.

10) Shoutbox. (no one else has one and its easily hidden). I love it.


Long may it all continue.




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#195059 Is this forum full of old gits?

Posted by The Dude Abides on 18 December 2016 - 04:06 PM

Over on the old place I always felt as if I was the oldest on there (apart from WERT obviously).


I get the feeling that most of the regular members on here are old gits like myself.


It's not just the slippers either, nostalgia for the 1960's and multiple health problems seem to permeate most threads.


So how old are you? I'm 60 next year and looking forward to my free bus pass.


All good things


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#55699 hi im tina

Posted by titanium tina on 18 January 2015 - 10:13 PM

hello tgc im tina and have been talked into joining by my other half who you will know duke he opened the acount for me and that way i can keep an eye on him to!thanks for having me and puting up with him,tina

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#83286 New respecteds

Posted by Mrs Willy on 21 May 2015 - 07:24 PM

We have decided to give smoking soul and revert a respected user award this evening.

For services in general good egginess, loyalty, LED knowledge, ear drum bashing amonsgt many other things.

Please congratulate these stoned bastards alongside me.

Mon the respecteds.

Mrs Williams.


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#222771 rip vmax a sad loss to the world

Posted by duke on 13 July 2017 - 07:10 PM

hi all it is with much sadness i post this,a good friend and long term forum member has sadly died,im sure many of you have had talks and laughs and help in all manner of cannabis medicine from vmax whos real name was jason birch also known as max cannon on facebook and a leading member of bud buddies (link in sig) on a personal note jason quite literally saved my tinas life by helping every step of the way whilst we treated her cancer.

jason spent a good few years making and sharing the cannabis oil for cancer patients and has never asked for a single thing in return i am crying like a girl here and so sad and gutted as i counted vmax/jason as a close friend with whom i had spent many hours talking and shared things i have never told another human being.

im sure some of the older members will have similar memories of vmax and there is a link here to a memorial site where you can leave a donation for relatives and send message etc so i shall leave the link here,god bless you jason rip.


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#84406 f.s.i or frozen soak iso

Posted by duke on 29 May 2015 - 01:28 PM

hi all as some of you know i have for a while now been making and using cannabis oil for my tina and some friends for various medicinal needs and have now experimented a lot with various old and new methods of oil making with various degrees of success ,
but have now settled upon the method i shall attempt to describe here as being the most productive and still making a very clean product at the end.
this method is mainly for medical use but could be adapted as well for recreational use the main point being this is going to be used on human skin and needs to be as clean and free of both chemicals and natural colour as much as possible as patients do not like being dyed green(ask tina)
this method is not good for trim and should be used only for clean well flushed bud from mature bud with a good number of amber trichs for best results.
1.first we need good clean mature bud
2.decarboxylate or activate the thc by oven drying at 100 degs c for 3 hours and break up as much as possible.
3.freeze bud and isopropyl for 24 hours also any utensils you will use ie funnels mixing vessel etc 
4.as quick as possible remove from freezer and using a plastic tuperware with lid idealy 1-2 ltr works best mix your frozen bud and iso together (the point here is speed keep everything frozen whilst extraction takes place)
5.return your now mixed weed/iso to the freezer after mixing shaking it well and leave for 30 minutes(yes thats half an hour)sounds mad dont it?
6.right we now as quick as we can run the mix through a sieve(previously frozen so wear gloves)
7.now use your coffee filters to clean the mix and return the now light amber coloured iso to the freezer for another 24 hours
8.now after 24 hrs in the freezer run the iso mix through another coffee filter this will remove excess wax from it.now i put in a clear sealed container outside in good sunlight for 12 hours to remove the green colour this is called solarisation.
9.using a rice cooker ban marie style with a fan blowing the fumes outdoors and no naked flames lit boilers or spliffs evap your mix in the normal method until no bubbles are visible and when cooled the oil should be quite thick but very clean free from green colour and also needing only the single wash to extract most of the goodies a saving in iso use as well.
10.warm the oil through gently and suck into a syringe and allow to cool before use,store out of the light in a cool place.
i will add pics later as i forgot to take them last run! any questions or suggestions(clean ones) welcome,peace
hi all heres some pics of the method i will try get them in some sort of order so you can see the benefit of the frozen soak and the beautiful clean amber oil it makes,pic1 shows the iso and containers i use oil making 001.JPG
next shows the trim in mixing vesseloil making 002.JPG
this pic shows the label and note this is uk product medical grade isopropyl 99.9%oil making 004.JPG
next shows the frozen trim and iso in mixing vessel ready to return to the freezer for 30 minutesoil making 005.JPG
the big sieve and glass bowl for draining the iso from our trim(both deep frozen)oil making 006.JPG
this pic shows the funnel and filter pre soaked with frozen iso this aids filtering and stops them clogging so quickoil making 008.JPG
this pic shows a few funnels and bottles ready for use again these have been frozenoil making 009.JPG the trim ready for draining out the iso after 30 minutes frozenoil making 010.JPG
this one shows the iso draining into bowloil making 011.JPG
this one shows the iso after draining note how little green colour is carried through by the frozen method we are usingoil making 013.JPG
this shows the iso after a further freezing and filtering again even cleareroil making 019.JPG the clean and ready for use oiloil making 018.JPG
i will add a pic and some figures for anyone interested when i can get the oil tested from this method,i hope this makes sense if not sing out and i try fix it,peace all

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#162901 Another Forum Milestoner to Celebrate

Posted by Administrator on 13 July 2016 - 12:09 PM

As the forum grows we pass certain milestones and these should be recognized in some way.



:party: :joint: :bong: :barmy: I am pleased to announce that we have, this week, reached the 1000 active members milestone.   :barmy: :bong: :joint: :party:




It may not seem like many in comparison with the more established forums, but that's 1000 genuine members.



A big thank you to all members, it's you that make this place what it is :mr:, and a big thank you to all the mods/admins for freely putting in the time and effort to implement improvements to the forum, for keeping things running smooth, supporting the members, and keeping it chill :mr:






To help mark this, The Green Circle will be hosting a couple of competitions this weekend. Open to all active members.




There will be plenty of prizes on offer not just beans either. So Keep your peepers peeled :ninja: ,be ready to join in the fun, good luck if you enter and thank you for being a part of the green circle.







A reminder to those new to the forum, we always deliver, and we remove any personal delivery details from the server as soon as any prizes have been dispatched. It's still one of the forums bedrock rules....we've got to keep you safe and secure.

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#214305 Well hello there!

Posted by tough cookie on 05 May 2017 - 10:24 PM

Hi guys

I have been lurking around on here for a while now like a ghost, reading all posts but saying nothing. 

Problem is im a total grow virgin so i don't really have any input at the moment.

im currently in hospital and have been for the last 7 months. i have found cannabis reliefs the pain in my legs and i dont have to take the handfulls of tablets they pump into me every 4 hours, it also gives me a bit of a head change and lets me switch off from the living nightmare. 

im currently paralysed from the waist down and will be growing from a wheelchair when i get started. i know very little about the subject but im reading bits and bobs each day and im slowly picking things up and learning the lingo, should give me half a chance when the time comes. Im sure a few people will mentor me here and there, the site certinly has a great community spirit.  

So yea thats me, if it was x factor id be straight through to the final with that sob story haha.

keep up your grow diary's, i love reading them and they are very helpful.

i will return the favour when i get started and keep you all updated on my medicinal adventure


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#248234 A competition for automatic enthusiasts.

Posted by ZenArcher on 08 February 2018 - 07:28 AM

Hello circlers.  Some of you may have seen my re-creation of Dutch Passion's Cinderella Jack, in an attempt to make feminised seeds.


The project so far has been successful with a reversed sex  Cind Jack pollinating another Cind Jack female. The result was a good haul of around 1,800 feminised (should be) seeds.  The Scotch Passion Cinderella Jock, will be a homage to its creators. 


The competition will be... grow a single Cinderella Jock to harvest.  Winner will be the contestant with the highest yield, runner up to best looking plant.


Any size of pot, medium, light, it's up to contestants how they go about it.


First prize will be a stash box full of goodies, including a pack of 3 Mephisto 3  bears OG, a pack of 3 Dutch passion autos of their choice.

Runner up will receive 3 Mephisto mystery mix, and a pack of 3 Dutch passion autos of their choice.


I'll put up a pic of first prize as soon as I assemble it.


All completed Cinderella Jock contestants will be offered a pack of 5, 10, or 15 Cind Jock seeds.


The Contest will start on or around the first of March, but you can start as soon as you get seeds, The contest will end on first of August. 2018

Contestants so far are.










I'm very happy to add anyone else who'd like to take part.


Any questions or glaring mistakes I'll happily deal with here or P.M. me.


Thanks fellow Green Circlers.  :)


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#235164 say a prayer for my bro

Posted by duke on 02 October 2017 - 11:23 AM

hi all idk how to say this other than im not a god botherer but even im praying atm for my younger bro who is at this moment undergoing brain surgery for 3 bleeds on the brain and short of a miracle he has only 50/50 chance so all please pray to whatever god you choose for my bro and direct it toward tooting,peace

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#195080 Is this forum full of old gits?

Posted by Mrs Willy on 18 December 2016 - 05:11 PM

Id say the average is 40.267 on here. (I think it is skewed upwards by the womens lounge regulars tho.)

BTW.. hot off the calculator... The average mental age of the staff is 7.6453. (I think i skew that one downwards a bit. )




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#245889 A bone idle lazy git`s grow. (Dutch Passion Seeds)

Posted by jimmi2scoops on 15 January 2018 - 03:57 PM

So story so far is iv`e started 3 seeds each of The Edge, Night Queen & Jorges Diamond all by Dutch Passion of which i shall be flowering 8 plants only. All lot of them shown their heads above ground around 3 weeks before Christmas. I potted them all up into small pots and put them under my around 100watt t-5 veg light in a cupboard, i topped them once when they were big enough. Anyhow Christmas day landed and i was proper hung over and fucked up dying so i thought fuck it what`s one day without, well needless to say i popped my head into the vegging wardrobe to a horror story on Boxing Day, everything was looking fucked up and droopy, so i watered then chopped all dead droopy shit of 2 plants, then i potted into their final pots the next day before adding the plants into the bigger room. They`ve been vegging in the bigger room under 200watt of cree cob and 400mh for around 3 weeks now. Yesterday i topped the bigger plants right back in the hope the little fucked up one will catch up a little now it`s starting to grow a wee bit again with new growth, so jobs a good en. I shall be changing my lighting to 2 x 600 dual spec hps sometime this week and i`ll be flipping when i think they ready, i`ll see how they`re look before deciding when


Plants are getting fead 150ml of AnB and 50ml of silicon into an 60 to 70 ltr tank which i think is around 1.6ec or their about`s.


So yes that`s where we are at atmo, i know iv`e been bone idle and lazy just lately but iv`e just managed to get my lazy arse out reverse so were laughing and it`s game on.  :ph34r:


I shall be updating this grow weekly (lazy git). Enjoy the pictures guys. :pimped:





1 (7).JPG 1 (4).JPG 1 (9).JPG 1 (10).JPG


Potted up and moved into larger grow space

1 (11).JPG 1 (6).JPG




Yesterday after topping biggest.

1 (3).JPG 1 (5).JPG



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#230855 wana be a COB nutter? need help? just ask!

Posted by Forest on 29 August 2017 - 06:03 PM

so some of you already know i build LED COB arrays   or single cob units and along the way ive learnt a bit,

so if you find your self in the quagmire of drivers, volts, amps, mah,   and dont know what bits you need?

passive heat sinks over fan cooled  which is best?  wire size?  what to build your frames from?


etc, etc,



just ask and ill help you as much as i can


one i made earlier it has a remote control bit of a gimmick but it would work for a space where you cant reach the array easily  this one has passive pin fin heatsinks cos they cool well , citizen 3500k gen6 36volt cobs

meanwell 240 watt driver

20170829 160343
20170829 160317




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