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the importance of correct feeding

feeding cannabis beginner

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#1 duke


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Posted 05 March 2015 - 10:02 PM

icon1.png the importance of not overfeeding

hello all i thought i would start this thread as there does not seem to be enough info about feeding your cannabis,to start i would begin by saying that everything i write is from my own experiences, i have grown for quite a few years in many different mediums,by far the hardest things for the begginer is nutrients,

i have used many different feeds,i have tried growing organic but failed miserably,why?because i didnt understand the importance of correct feeding.it cost me a few quid and much wasted time!a lot is mentioned about cannabis needing large amounts of nitrogen etc,while this is a fact,the balance between enough and to much is a fine line.we are all sold nutrients and we trust that what it says on the instructions will be right for our plants,

what we as begginers often fail to realise is the amounts given are generally meant for mature plants ie more than a month or so old.these amounts are to much for most plants!once we overfeed we set of a chain of events both in the nutrient uptake ability of the plant and this in turn causes damage to the roots,once the root zone is damaged what may apear as various deficiencys is actualy the inability of the plant to take up the nutrients!

so the most important thing is not to overfeed,those growing in soil for the first time should be most aware of this ,its the most common mistake made by new growers,and about the hardest to put right.

the next most common mistake is to overwater,this is easy to do,its also easy to avoid,when you pot your plant and water for the first time you can weigh it on kitchen scales,take the time to do this and write on the pot or label the wet weight next time you water just weigh it,if thats to much hassle invest in a cheap moisture meter,there not expensive and very good for new growers.after a while you will be able to judge just by how heavy the pot feels.the main thing is that you never allow the roots to sit for long in water,this causes rootrot.to sum up my golden rules,NEVER feed at the maximum,only use at a quarter of the recomendation to start,

and check with the soil as some have slow release fertilisers added,if you use this type whatever you do dont feed the plants for at least 6 weeks.so to sum up,if your leaves start to yellow,stems change colour leaves get spots etc,DO NOT automatically assume you need to feed,first look at your roots are they white?,if yes there good,if there brown and smell funky you have overwatered and need to let it dry.

next if roots good then you can feed but whatever you do cant be quickly undone,so start at low levels and build up as the plant grows.also remember before you start removing leaves,that leaves are the power production mechanism and removing healthy foliage is never a good idea,it will not make buds grow bigger!contrary to some opinions buds do not photosynthesise only leaves,that leaf ISNT blocking the light to that bud its feeding it! basicaly dont overdo the feed and dont overwater,think before you feed! good luck all my fellow growers both old and new!

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Posted 06 March 2015 - 02:50 AM

Good post duke.

Leaves don't work like that though and removing leaves for whatever reason will trigger photosynthetic compensation in the other leaves as a defence mechanism against herbivores. In other words (for noobs benefit) - if you take a few leaves off here and there then the remaining leaves will be able to produce just as much energy through photosynthesis as before after a day or two. It's one thing I've looked at because of how scared I used to be of taking leaves off thinking I was damaging yields. Turns out, your not. Just don't go over board.
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