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why you shouldnt listen to the man in the hydro store

hydro shops advice bad

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#11 Sprink


    Cloth Trim Tim

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Posted 06 March 2015 - 01:31 PM

Yes very true.

If you figure out which products suit your needs the best then get 'em off t'internet.

Even if you go to a hydro store with a concise list, you'll be leaving with a lot of alternative products. Did the same thing myself the other day and the nutes I bought are not much good to me.

And then the woman was talking up all this bud candy bollox an all that, so I switched off & forgot filter covers :curse:


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#12 wonkeydonkeymonster



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Posted 06 March 2015 - 11:12 PM

when i first started i used to buy all the stuff, half of which you dont need., and throw lots of nutes at plants.
thankfully i found a very good mentor (Alzy) who kept me rite.
Now i use very few nutes, and it works for me. my mate who has recently started growing has bought loads of stuff, despite me tellin him its no use. He fell for the hydro shops patter.
the dude sold him pro mix (basically coco and clay balls, and told him he didnt need to Ph the water, just add nutes as if it was soil).
He is now lookin at hydro systems, when he hasnt even finiished his second grow.
The thing is, he will probably spend a fortune, try it and waste leccy and nutes, due to poor advice from Mr hydro shop)
I try and keep him rite, but, well, you know, theres only so much you can do.

I remember those days. I wanted all the nutes when I first started, didn't have a clue how to use em and what they do I ended up Fucking my first 2 grows cos I was bombarding them with EVERYTHING. Was such a waist of plants and money on the nutes not to mention time and effort published into the grow. Mind u the awesome pics on some of the brands (I'm pointing at u AN) made the decision for me lol. Now I just keep it real simple467357dd68ff625304349fd06afb2255.jpg.
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#13 wonkeydonkeymonster



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Posted 07 March 2015 - 12:28 AM

Sorry fo bombard the thread. But I had to do a comparison with what I started with to what I use now with same/better results And a a lot easier on the pocket. Attached File  uploadfromtaptalk1425687993875.jpg   1.56MB   3 downloadsthe rizo bottle has liquid lead in it.Attached File  uploadfromtaptalk1425688027221.jpg   1.4MB   3 downloads soo much that's not needed. Matter of fact I'm throwing it all out after this post.

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