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Security Issues for novice growers

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Posted 24 May 2014 - 02:50 PM

Security Issues for Novice Growers.........

Before you embark on the voyage of discovery that is the cultivation of the much celebrated plant known as Cannabis, it may be an idea to have a good long think about the security involved with the hobby .

We should never forget that it is illegal and as such we must make every effort to avoid detection.
This is by no means comprehensive, it is solely designed as an introduction for novice growers. .
The idea of this thread is to give the Novice grower basic advice and tips to help make them as safe as possible.

There is another thread in the Novice stickies related to Safety which should be read in conjunction with this thread, after all if the worst happens and there is a fire then thats going to be a major security issue as well. So always be prepared to do things in a correct manner without risking the safety of your self, your family, or your neighbours.

When it comes to security then many growers will mention the 6 L's these are Don't Tell Dont Smell Don't Sell!

Don't Tell?
It may seem very obvious to any one that the more people you tell then the sooner you will get the "knock" but this is a vital thing to get your head around and to fully understand.
There are lots of threads on here where people have been raided only to find out that a really good mate had got drunk and may have mentioned it to someone else by mistake. Or A very good friend has gone behind their back after an argument. Theres lots of different versions but they all boil down to you telling someone when really it would have been better not to mention it. What Imo saying is that if you like to shoot your mouth off then this game is definitely not for you.

Even if you are the quietest person you know then don't forget that once you get to grips with your growing techniques and start to produce the goods you will be literally bursting to discuss this with anyone who will listen, its just human nature so you must be absolutely steadfast and mention it to absolutely no one that does not absolutely have to know e.g. spouse, no best friends at all, end of, just do not talk about ever no matter how stoned/pissed, is that as clear as I can make it without saying I will come around and say "I told you so" when it all goes wrong One good thing is that you can discuss things to your hearts content right here on The Green Circle so you really have no excuse. Theres even a Plant of the month competition for the competitive amongst us so use this to vent your frustrations or brag about your latest developments but no one else must know.

Dont Smell?
Some people may not have major problems with the smell of a fully grown plant that has just been chopped and trimmed but even 1 reasonable plant is really going to smell at the later stages of growth. Most growers give serious attention to restricting the smell from leaving the grow room by various methods

The most common system is a Carbon filter that uses an inline fan and ducting to draw air from the room through the filter and out to a suitable venting area as always there are various qualities of filter we can use and I would urge you to use the Rhino brand of filter. These offer a very effective defence at a reasonable cost It should be noted there are similar filters out there that are considerably cheaper then the Rhino these either are not as effective or they soon start to fail and let those delicate aromas through. It really is a case of you get what you pay for so make sure you do not compromise in this area.

There are a number of other gizmos and gadgets available that may well assist but you should only use any of these in conjunction with a filter and preferably after someone has clearly recommended them on here or similar, don't rely on the shop assistant as they are not always experienced with the product and simply say what you want to hear (this is very common in Hydroponics shops) Other products including specialised air fresheners "Ona Block" is a commonly used one, Ozone generators are also an option to consider.

Don't Sell?
Once you have managed to get safely to the end of your 1st crop there may be a little spare that you wont get to smoke before you next crop. Don't forget that even giving a little weed to a relative is in the eyes of the Law Illegal and as such you are going to be dealt with as a supplier/dealer which also means a much harsher sentence should the worst happen. what you need to remember is that it costs a lot less for us to grow our weed then to pay stupid street prices and as such we should be prepared to let it go rather then holding onto quantities we just cant use At the end of the day throw it away. its better then trying to explain a surplus to the police. You can eventually get the setup so you can either reduce the plants and or lights to grow just enough without any silly risks.

Even so some of us are very keen smokers and its not unheard of for folks to smoke an Oz+ a week lets say it takes 3 months between grows so thats easy 12Oz that could end up lying in the bottom of the wardrobe, OK so we havn't told a soul and the smell is taken care of but no matter how safe we are there is always the inevitable spanner in the works that can easily catch us out, the police call because a neighbour has committed suicide, a bike has been stolen, a car crash involving a relation etc etc.

The serious problem is that even though we know the 10Oz is totally personal the Police are certainly not going to believe that and unfortunately its really down to us to prove it is personal. The secret is to make sure you stash it away from the house in say 5 or 6 smaller stashes, In dry stone walls is always a good place to hide, but just apply your mind to it and you can usually think of some pretty reliable spots Always assume you may lose some but its nothing compared to the knock is it?

Ok one last piece of advice........

Always assume you are going to get a knock at 6.00 AM tomorrow.
If you bare this in mind every time you go to bed and try your utmost to adhere to this you will sleep sounder. It is very easy to skin up with your latest batch and enjoy smoking a spliff that you have a good weight of but you will be heartbroken if its still there when they come through the door so be safe and get rid, its just down right obvious but so many people are simply to stoned to care, don't let this be you.

I hope other people will contribute to the thread either with recommendations for stash places or other security advice Learn all About Security for your own Safety

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Posted 24 May 2014 - 04:26 PM

great post mate, i have my stash burried in kilner jars away from the house :-) 2oz in each jar and wrote on whats in it and when cropped, as said above away from the house not in my own garden. Also adding to the above post, a friend of mine years ago ( a grower) used to enjoy the growing part of this wicked hobby more than the actually smoked, he only ever grew 1 plant at a time but was pulling 5 ,6 and 7 oz per plant, after about 6 grows and a mountain of bud in kilner jars he did start trying to get rid of it and GAVE it away to close freinds, me being one of only 5 that knew he spread the love and that knew he grew. one morning at 7am just as he was going to work knock at the door. coppers ! they proceeded to search the house, fully budding power plant in his bedroom. and a total of .................... 36OZ of dried bud in jars all nicely labled for them in jars, dates planted dates cropped, weeks veg , weeks flowered, seed bank the works !!! they banged him up woth possesion with intent for 2 years, he got out in 8 months, but he lost his very very well paid job , he now has drugs on his record, and cannot go on his wife to be's dream honeymoon to the states now ! To this day i belive that one of our so called BEST MATES grassed him, because only the week before the raid this mate was going on a 2 week fishing / camping trip to cornwall and asked if he could have some bud for his trip , he was told no, while he was still on holiday the knock came !!! smells to suspect to me ! so yes, trust no one ! there is 1 person that knows i grow and thats the wife ! and she smokes more than i do lol The other thing that comes to mind is once you have your stock pile dont be too slap dash about smoking it in open / public or in your house with window open ! again i know a house that got a knock because a passer by smelt weed coming from a house, and called the police, apparently this guys grow was very top end with 2 carbon filters and 2 in takes so no smell at all, but sitting toking next to the open window ended his fun and games ! be SAFE people paul
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#3 Mr Pothead

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Posted 25 May 2014 - 08:52 PM

Very good advice Paul, i never smoke with my windows open......my neighbour does so I'm going to have to have a word soon, baiting me up lol

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