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Can you help out

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Posted 23 February 2017 - 02:31 PM



or just a template to use in general to add to your grow thread once it`s done ?


Two templates, Grow and Smoke/Consumption for use anywhere in the forum. Just a locked thread or two for now that circlers can then copy, complete and use.


When we get sponsored/test grows we may tweak them a bit for those specific growouts.


It would be easy to get carried way with automation, functionality and what have you, but better to keep it simple at first.



So for a grow.


[Strain Detail]









[Growing Method]







[Vegging Detail]







[Flowering Detail]






[Harvest Detail]







^^ sort of :)

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Posted 23 February 2017 - 07:41 PM

 So here are my mad meanderings, to add to  the pot.


Looked around a bit at various sites to do with plants to  get a feel. If you think this is out there, just stop reading  :)


I think a diary should be sections so you start at what ever is relevant and add what ever info  is relevant, also means for those that want to keep records as they determine the next stage of the grow cycle , they naturally in moving on close that section


So hows about


1) what and why

2)Germ and Grow

3)Flip and flower

4)harvest and hover

5) Do and review




Section 1 What and why




This section can include strain, stated flower time, yield, high, cbd/thc/etc


Its useful because what ever is put in here becomes the thing that the evaluation and review will be reviewing against  and adding knowledge too, so its the baseline info.



Set Up


Many new growers arent versed in the significance of the these factors and that included me, for those more experienced, issues of heat, light, temperature/humidity, Extraction/circulation,water/drainage, nutrients/additives, medium used, are really important so I suggest that this first section include these important variables as standard parts of the grow and flower bits


As these environmental factors will govern the majority of grow success, 


2) Germ and Grow





Grow medium 

light (duration and type and distance)

water (including additives and stimulants)

feed ( nutrients and rates)

air Extraction method, air circulation and temp

temperature and humidity, highest lowest, average




Most general growing sites i have looked at suggest transplanting seedlings when at least three true nodes have developed. The first true leaves being when its a  viable seedling. is it worth recording total germination/propagation time until placed in the grow space true? because it may make a difference to the grow?



3) Flip and flower


Date of flip

Length of flip







light (duration and type and distance)
water (including additives and stimulants)
feed ( nutrients and rates)
air Extraction method, air circulation and temp
temperature and humidity, highest lowest, average




4 Harvest and Hover




Length of Harvest







cure period




5 Do and Review


Smoke report


Does it do for you what it said on the tin



Grow review


What if anything would you different and why 



Any ways people will do their own thing like, and I keep shit records so just thought I should contribute  :)

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Posted 23 February 2017 - 10:50 PM

oi oi :vape:


We have got lots of things in the pipeline for the year ahead, including a number of growouts/test runs (indoors & outdoors :ninja:)


One thing that was mentioned a few times when negotiating these things is having proper grow/strain summary reports when the grows are done and dusted. It has benefits for the forum, our forum friends and is a good source of real-world info for circler's and visitors.


So, with this in mind, we're asking if anyone fancies putting together a couple of 'Templates' which we can then setup for members to complete if they like. We are looking for Strain Grow and Smoke templates to start with. Nothing over-complicated though, we are mostly stoned a lot of the time after all!   :joint:


If anyone fancies having a root around for good examples we can crib from then please post them up here and we can collaborate on getting the best we can. No promises, but if anyone comes up with something really good there will be rewards to come :)


Anyone fancy a go ?

wtf does this mean budg....ewe lost me bach,if its growing out seeds no thanks. :D

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Posted 24 February 2017 - 12:04 PM

Stolen from Maine care givers

Lemon Pie Thai

Final Weight---

Plant 1 - 4.55
Plant 2 - 4.56
Plant 3 - 5.52

Tester Name:
Dr Gruber and patients.

Lemon Pie Thai

Dr Greenthumb

Dr Gruber

Method Smoked:
Joints-Glass Pipes.
(Dr Gruber’s Personal Favorite-Joints)

Promix Potting Soil-(Drain to Waste)

Flower Time: 60 -70 days

Dr Gruber's personal preference- 65 days

Grow Comments-
Another easy grow.
Although it seemed I had a nutrient imbalance at the end of the vegetative period going into flower, the problem was fixed with minimal fuss. After a quick flush and an increase in the frequency of feeding, all was well.
It's a Sativa with the growth characteristics of an Indica, which is to say; a short stocky plant that has a good yield and is easy to manage. For an 85% Sativa dominant plant , the buds are much more dense then expected when compared to other plants with that much sativa influence. To my eye, the colas looked similar to Trainwreck colas, and I would guess that is the Thai influence showing up in both of them.


During Flower- I could smell hints of lemon and caramel just as listed in the description.

During Harvest- The fresh buds left a unexpected odor on my hands that was different then other plants. I had a hard time nailing it down but I did eventually figure it out. Dough. Yes, dough, like for a pie crust, or cookies. I'm guessing (again) that is one of the reasons Doc named it as he did. Or, i was just too high while harvesting and imagined the whole thing.

After Harvest- The lemon is gone but is replaced by a sweet tropical fruit smell and the caramel is replaced with a spicy hash undertone.

Associated smells of bud:

Subtle tropical fruit flavor with notes of spicy hash.

Associated flavors:
Pie dough

Flavor Intensity-(Sour Diesel or Bubba Kush would be a 9 or 10.)

Harsh/smoothness: (1-10, 1 being extremely harsh and 10 being extremely smooth) --

Cough factor? : Yes/no
No-very smooth

Flavor Comments-
This isn't a flavor powerhouse like bubba or sour diesel but it does have a distinct taste that carries through a joint or bowl. Neither of it's flavor components (fruit or hash) are powerful on their own but together they are strong without being overpowering. A very clear, clean, and pleasant flavor.

BUZZ Profile—
Positive vibrations.
Euphoric and social without any noticeable paranoia or anxiousness. Most of the positive qualities associated with Sativa's but socially relaxing. Good for conversation and laughs.
Clears stress and depression.
Motivating but does not inspire creativity in and of itself, however, it does bring energy to creative projects.

Potency: (1-10, 1 being extremely weak and 10 being extremely potent)

Duration: (length of buzz, from first hit)
2-3 hours

Overall Plant Rating- "YTP" (yield+taste+potency)

YTP Rating = 8.23

Personal/Patient Rating = 9 (extra points for buzz preference)

Munchies: Yes/no----
Slight but noticeable increase in appetite.




Turpentine ()
Metallic ()
Ammonia ( ) - urine () - vinegar ( )
Bleach ()
Lotions () -
Plastics ( )
Glues ( )
Fuel ()
Rubber ()
Eucalyptus ()
Menthol ()


Fruity (x )
Berry ( ) -
Black/Blue/Raspberry ( )
Citrus ( ) -
Orange () -
Lemon ( ) -
Lime () -
Apple () -
Mango () -
Grape () -
Cherry () -
Tutti Fruity ()
Floral ( ) -
Perfume () -
Blossom ()
Spearmint ()
Peppermint ( )
Caramel ()
Pineapple ()
Sugar ()



Lemon -()
Lime-( )
Vinegar ( )


Woody ( )
Incense ()
Hardwood ( )
Sage ( )
Juniper ( )
Cedar ()
Pine ()
Basil ( )
Garlic ( )
Dill ( )
Clove ()
Parsley ()
Pepper ()
Hash (x)
Tobacco ()
Chocolate ()
Lavender Spice ()
Toasted Almond ()


Earthy ()
Loam ()
Dirt ()
Musty ()
Dusty ()
Alberta spruce ()
Gamey ()
Sweet skunk ()
Skunk ( )
Botanical ()
Hay ()
Autumn leaves ( )
Trees ()
Tangy ()
Manure ()
Moldy ()

Final Comment-
Smoking this strain brings positive thoughts and feelings at a time when they are sorely needed.
2016 has been one of my worst years but on a larger level, the whole planet has had a rough time of it. Political upheaval, economic troubles, environmental disaster, multiple deaths of iconic figu res on a list that grows longer every day. With all that has been going on , Dr Gruber prescribes a healthy dose of Lemon Pie Thai for the entire world. I know I will be returning to this when the chips are down and I need a boost. Because this strain just makes me feel good.
And now, to concluded my final journal for this worst of years, I would like to borrow the jingle DanDanger at Skunk Magazine wrote for me…..

"Well if you like to smoke weed
and you want to get high
Just take yourself a puff
of some Lemon Pie Thai"

Medical qualities:



6) ability to perform amazing sex while under influence (for peeps like me who love sex)

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Posted 24 February 2017 - 08:32 PM

6) ability to perform amazing sex while under influence (for peeps like me who love sex)

Doesn't weed in general make sex better? It always turns me into a sexualtyranosaurusrex
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Posted 24 February 2017 - 10:09 PM

Doesn't weed in general make sex better? It always turns me into a sexualtyranosaurusrex

Exactly my point..

sexualtyranosaurusrex = 10 on the richter scale :D
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