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Soaker hose in the ground

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#11 Afton



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Posted 01 May 2019 - 02:52 AM

@bigbadbillybob Ya I think I may give it a try on the AO in the ground this year.

I'll need to dig up the old hole and widened it a bit throw the old soil and compost over it.

Then I'll pile on the super soil for about 1 and a half feet and then blend Roots Organic soil 

with the super soil. Maybe 3/4 super soil to 1/4 Roots Organic soil. Then I'll top off a few inches of rice hauls 

to help keep the soil moist on top. If it works great, then I'll do it to all my plants next year now that my wife gave me the go ahead 

to plant in the ground next year. Too late now I'll hire some young bucks to do the digging for my lazy ass. I'm sure I can trade my bud for some shovel work.


@Horse Badorties My soil test results are in my journal.

Here is where I got it www.amazon.com/Luster-Leaf-1601-Rapitest-Soil/   for only  $14.95

I have tons of drip line at my place for all my wife's plants and my trees.

It's just the soaker hose that I was interested in.


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#12 Horse Badorties

Horse Badorties

    Buddist Punk

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Posted 01 May 2019 - 10:12 PM

@Afton I saw the test, not sure how useful it is, but it sure was cheap. :lol:


When you say soaker hose, are you talking the fuzzy kind that's either flat or round that water bubbles out of all over?


Or, the hard 1/2" stuff with emitter slots every so often? Drip lines?


If it's the softer one, I wonder if it would crush under the weight of the dirt? I know the ones I have would, especially if the water were turned off. I've never seen anyone use it that way, but that doesn't mean a lot. :rolleyes:


Maybe an experimental hole is in order, wouldn't want to lose a plant you care about :)

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#13 Afton



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Posted 08 May 2019 - 03:05 AM

@Horse Badorties ya I just wanted to get a quick baseline before the plants went in.

If they were all low then I would Test the soil with a proper test next year before amending so know what I really need.

I will probably end up doing that after this year. And yes it was cheap, but it did what is says it will do and I'm ok with that.


The soaker hose is the one that bubbles out and I do see what you mean about it being crushed by the soil weight. 

This may take a bit more thinking on. 

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