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Spaceman Rocks The Fastest Autoflorecientes

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#1 Spaceman


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Posted 29 July 2020 - 01:01 PM

Welcome to my new journal. I'm going to grow out some autoflorecientes . I have grown all of these strains before and they are some of the best autoflowers to grow.  Not exactly new strains, but a lot of the new stuff is over hyped anyway. Pretty packaging with shite genetics  :lol:


For me, Sweet Seeds in Spain is the best breeder for autoflowers, period.  3 of the 5 strains I have chosen are from Sweet Seeds.


1st up is my favourite strain in the entire world to grow.


Sweet Seeds AUTO Fast Bud #2 x 7 seeds
Auto-flowering hybrid with great production, massive buds and aromatic resin. Automatic Fast Bud #2 is very vigorous and full of strong lateral side branches. It can grow up to 90 cm and has strong effects. Its aroma is sweet and exotic with some Diesel undertones.
Sweet Seeds AUTO Sweet Trainwreck x 4 seeds
4th generation autoflowering strain. The resulted variety is tall and has Sativa-like branching. This hybrid has short flowering stage, lots of dense buds covered with trichomes and filled with sweet and fruity aroma with some citrusy undertones. Very well balanced combination of Indica and Sativa genes.
Next up, not for speed, but for the taste...
Sweet Seeds AUTO Cream Mandarine XL x 4 seeds
Cream Mandarine XL is a 4th generation autoflowering marijuana strain with tall stature and high production. This cannabis variety was obtained by crossing Cream Mandarine Auto with a Super Tai ā€™98 elite clone. Thanks to impact of Super Tai ā€˜98 elite clone genetics this hybrid is bigger in size and has soft aromatic and spicy tones with hints of wood and nuts. Cream Mandarine Auto strains qualities from the indica side are high flower and resin production, but also sweet and fresh aromas with tones of citric fruits of the Mandarine type.
DNA Genetics Seeds 60 Day Wonder x 6 seeds
Williams Wonder is a very special commercial indica that produces fat and resinous flowers and finishes quickly. It got crossed with ruderalis strain, back crossed a couple of times to create fastest commercially viable strains out on the cannabis market. DNA Genetics 60 Day Wonder will finish in any light cycle, including 24 hours of light, only 60 days from seed. The flowers on this plant look more like the Williams Wonder and it keeps its medicinal values, but thanks to the ruderalis the waiting time is shorter. Great for the beginners and perfect for commercial cultivators who want to crop every 60 days indoor or outdoor. 
Last but Not least. I adore this strain...
World of Seeds Afghan Kush Ryder x 7 seeds
Afghan Kush Ryder is a result of numerous experiments that had been carried out to create new, strong and potent marijuana strains. The famous seed of Afghan Kush was back crossed with a Ruderalis and gave a start to Afghan Kush Ryder. This 100% indica hybrid instantly became a favourite on international cannabis markets for her easy growing qualities and high narcotic abilities, some of which are incredible medical values. Afghan Kush marijuana strain has strong hashish smell so popular amongst marijuana smokers. Her hardwood sweet taste combined with a very narcotic effect which makes her one of bestsellers. Being a auto-flowering marijuana, Afghan Kush Ryder grows from a cannabis seed flower in response to age rather than light cycle. She will grow vegetative for approximately 14 days then enter into a rapid, almost violent flowering period. For the next 55 days, she will branch out profusely, throw out pistils in their thousands, calyxes will swell and a coating of resin glands will make the mature plant glisten as if dusted with fine cannabis diamonds. Being quite petite, Afghan Kush Ryder automatic remains a great yielder when grown indoors. The cross with a ruderalis also means that Afghan Kush Ryder cannabis seeds can be grown virtually anywhere with the high tolerance to such risks as mould and pests. Balconies, patios, window boxes, indoors or outdoors, this connoisseur grade seed is now attainable for every marijuana grower. Growing Afghan Kush Ryder indoors recommends 20 hours of light daily throughout the cycle. She is happy to grow outdoors from as early as March with a harvest in May to return to a plant in June with a harvest in August. The increased height compared to earlier auto-flowering strains brings with it increased yield.
The interesting thing is this journal isn't due to start for about a month to 6 weeks, but I always get things done so early that I'm starting it now. These will be 3-5 days old for my property visit, then going straight into big pots in coco.
I'm even thinking of ditching all of my photoperiod mothers and just growing 100% autoflowers constantly. I can grow so much more weed from autoflowers. Short flowering periods. Photoperiods just take too long. I have grown autoflowers for about 8 years, so know them well.
Enjoy the show... 
1st I will be buying new tents, then after my September visit, I'll be setting it up like a camp site in Holiday season  :pimped:  



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#2 Zipp


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Posted 29 July 2020 - 09:47 PM

nice im in from the start lol .... good luck with your new grow when it starts Spaceman    :bong: :bong:

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#3 ZenArcher


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Posted 29 July 2020 - 10:32 PM

Sounds like a fabulous plan Spaceman.  Love autos also, and sweet seeds.  Can't wait for your journal to start.   :) :)

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#4 paul_led_126pro


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Posted 30 July 2020 - 07:22 AM

Sounds like this is gonna be fun :-) Iā€™m in

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#5 Spaceman


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Posted 30 July 2020 - 04:40 PM

Welcome aboard  :cowboy:


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#6 duke


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Posted 30 July 2020 - 04:55 PM

im in for the ride,peace

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#7 Spaceman


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Posted 30 July 2020 - 05:04 PM

im in for the ride,peace


Just culled all photoperiod mother plants and clones. I'm going to rock the auto's without the distraction of the needy slow photoperiod plants  :dance2:

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#8 Afton



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Posted 02 August 2020 - 10:39 AM

@Spaceman rock on buddy and keep those autos going!

I'll be lurking about in the corners.

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#9 Highasyalike


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Posted 04 August 2020 - 03:04 PM

All the best mate
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#10 Spaceman


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Posted 20 August 2020 - 02:33 PM

Journal is still alive alive-oh, I've just cut the last plant down from my last journal.


It's a very important time for my growing. I have sold my 4 gn telos 10 panels. I have thrown out all 7 of the old 3ft grow tents, but kept my little 90cm x 50cm veg tent. I have kept a gn telos 6 for my veg tent.


I'm pretty much certain the way forward for me is to purchase four secret jardin dr120's (4ft x 4ft x2m). I have got some more buckets, so have 16 now. I'm thinking 4 auto's in each 4ft x4ft, in 3 gallon coco hempy buckets. This time I will use bamboo to stop the negative pressure sucking the sides in.


I want to buy 2 or 3 Gavita 750 de lights. Think it's time to give them a whirl. I have leds too, but will be selling some more of them. I will keep the Sanlight leds. I have 4 of them and would like to try them in a 4ft x 4ft tent. 600w through 12 sources of light. Have 13 other lights that I will be selling at some point. The gavitas dim down to 400w, so will be ok in the summer in a 4x4. I'm kind of offloading lights and reinvesting the money in the next few weeks.


Today I'm not growing anything and it feels great. A short break of 3-4 weeks now whilst I get my shit together and set up the perfect set ups.


Plan is to grow 16 autos, plus start another 16 in small pots and transplant them after 7 days, as I harvest the others. I hope to be chopping weed after 60 days from the start, then chopping 2lbs a month on average. 16 ounces from each 4ft x 4ft tent with a gavita 750 should be easily achievable. If the leds don't get close to the gavitas yield wise I will sell the lot of them and just grow with 750's. You only live once and I want to grow a fuck load of bud. Not happy with the yields under led. Gavitas are tried and tested and proven. I'm tired of wasting money on average lights. I think leds do Not match upto the best 750 or 1000w hps. 4-5 ft of buds under the canopy. Leds just don't penetrate the plant that far down. I added lots more led and the tops of the buds started to bleach, yet at the same time it wasn't making the lower buds sing and dance so that's it for me. I put in a lot of effort so need maximum returns every time.


Last time I did a hps grow I had so much bud. I'm looking forward to that again.


I will start up my veg tent soon. Setting it up next few days. I'm just covering it up for my property visit. I'd like to start 16 autoflowers a few days before my visit.


It's so nice getting rid of the tents lol Normally I have to pack them up. The poles are rusty. They served me well. 



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