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The Zamnesia Q&A!!

Zamnesia Smartshop

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Posted 07 August 2020 - 10:57 AM

Zamnesia Q&A!!
We are mainly here to share information with everyone, and also to receive feedback. You can always send us a message if you're wondering about a topic. We even have a Q&A on our Instagram account zamnesiaxseeds, so feel free to send any and all questions our way!
This week it will be an interesting topic! It’s about the effects of weed and how to use it. 
Consumption methods:
Q:  What is the most effective and natural way of consuming cannabis?
A:  We think the most effective, safe and natural way of consuming cannabis is by either vaping or sublingual consumption. You can find more about it here: https://www.zamnesia...-cannabis-n1761
Q: How can I get as much smoke as possible out of a vaporizer?
A: Higher vaping temperatures (about 200℃) mean more visible vapor. However, the vapor may become harsher as well. There is more information here: https://www.zamnesia...smoke-and-vapor
Q: Is peace water okay to use every day? Is it safe?
A: Unfortunately we don't have any contacts with the producer of this special water but it seems totally safe to use daily. If you want to be sure it's best to contact them directly.
Q: A very good vape but economic?
A: Two of the best economic vaporizers we can recommend are the Storm vaporizer and VapCap M. You can find the best ones here: https://www.zamnesia...vaporizers-n951
Q: Which ways allow you to get more medicated?
A: Hitting the bong is a proper way. Another good one is consuming edibles ;)
Q: what is dabbing? 
A: If you want to learn everything about dabbing, please check our full guide: https://www.zamnesia...o-dabbing-n1152
Q: How do I get the most out of the smallest amount of cannabis?
A: The most effective way of consuming cannabis is by using a bong. 
Q: Will my cannabis milk be just as potent as cannabis butter (using the same amount of weed)?
A: Actually it won't assuming you used the same amount of weed. Cannabis butter is much more concentrated than milk.
Effects of weed:
Q: Does it effect memory?
A: It effects a lot of the brain and memory is also included. You can find everything about this in the following blog: https://www.zamnesia...our-memory-n890
Q: Is it possible to get some visuals like more vibrant colors? If yes which strain does it?
A: Visuals from cannabis are more exception than rule and are more dependent on someone's tolerance level than a certain strain. You can try a strain like LSD-25 from Barney's Farm as it's seems to be almost psychedelic. Visuals can't be guaranteed though ;)
Q: What are the pros and cons? 
A: It's hard to summarize all the pros and cons but have a look at this blog post to learn more about the effects in general: https://www.zamnesia...your-body-n1265
Q: Does CBD have the same effect as being stoned?
A: Actually it doesn't. You will stay grounded while you get more relaxed. You can find everything you need to know about CBD here: https://www.zamnesia...w-guide/153-cbd
Q: How long can the high last?
A: Usually a high will last about 2-3 hours. In case of edibles the effects will take about 5-6 hours.
Q: Why I am getting paranoid sometimes?
A: It's difficult to say why exactly you're experiencing this but have a look at the next story https://www.zamnesia...-paranoia-n1854
Q: Can cannabis makes you hallucinate audibly speaking?
A: It could be possible although it is rare. You can find more information about hallucinations from cannabis here: https://www.zamnesia...-cannabis-n1439

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